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Committee on Education, Science and Culture

The Committee shall be responsible for matters relating to:

Consider matters relating to training institutions, improving the efficacy of educational systems, encourage exchanges between schools and universities, establish equivalences of academic, professional and technical qualifications, encourage literacy, promote the teaching and practice of the official languages of the community, and establish regional centres of excellence in various disciplines;

Encourage scientific advancement and cultural promotion through the harmonisation of national policies and programmes to accelerate the socio-economic development of the Member States;

Consider matters relating to the strengthening of scientific research institutions;

Strengthen national capacities for science and culture with a view to improving quality of life for Community citizens.

Promote joint scientific research and cultural development programmes;

Reassert culture and protect cultural identity.

Ensure effective participation and involvement of the youth in the social development of the sub-region;

Promote youth organizations and their involvement in the activities of the community;

Encourage the practice of sports as a means of bringing together the youth of the sub-region and ensuring their balanced development.

Committee News

Committee Members

Position in Committee Lastname Firstname Country
President Assine Aimé Senegal
Vice President Magassy Muhamed Gambia
First Rapporteur Fanny Moussokora Chantal Ivory Coast
Second Rapporteur Carlos Alberto Delgado Cabo Verde
Member ONOR Sandy Nigeria
Member Abiante Dagomie Nigeria
Member Godiya Akwashiki Nigeria
Member Musa Shiaka Sama Sierra Leone
committee Clerk
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